BASIS Symposium 2018

The BASIS Symposium 2018 will be hosted by University of Li├Ęge, Belgium, on 19 & 20/04/2018.

We will welcome contributions from scientists coming from all disciplines (archeology, ecology, forensics, medical science, biochemistry, geochemistry, hydrology, climate science, and more), and spanning all career stages. Whether you’re a stable isotope newbie or have decades of experience in your field, come join us and discuss your latest research results!

Moreover, the symposium will provide an opportunity for scientists to meet professionals involved in development of stable isotope analytical gear. If you’re considering buying a new setup and need help to choose which one, if you have exciting ideas about new methods that you would like to develop, or if you simply need advice about how to get the best out of your machine, the BASIS Symposium is the right place for you.

The symposium will take place at ULg’s Institute of Zoology, that is also home to the Aquarium and Zoology Museum. You can find out more about the venue and how to reach it in the dedicated page. To further help you plan your visit, you will find some accomodation suggestions on this page.

The detailed program of the symposium, as well as instructions for abstract submission, will be announced soon.

If you have any question, please refer to the contact page.