We have an arrangement with hotel “de Lindeboom” for rooms at a reduced rate, if you email ( or call (+31 222 312041) “De Lindeboom” and indicate “BASIS2019” you will get this reduced rate: Comfort Single € 75, Comfort Twin single use € 80 and Deluxe Twin single use € 85 (including breakfast). This does not work when you book online, keep this in mind. Parking is € 6,50  a night and on basis of availability, the earlier you reserve, the better your chances!

On top of that we have an arrangement with the StayOkay on Texel, again with the reduced rate of only € 25 per night in a larger room if you call (+31 222 315441] or email ( them indicating “BASIS2019”, double rooms are € 20 extra, single rooms € 25 extra per night. Again, this does not work when you book online.


Keep in mind that the number of rooms are limited and Texel is a tourist attraction, don’t wait too long with booking rooms. Before Christmas would be best!


For other options check: We will only arrange transport to and from Den Burg!


Texel is beautiful, so consider spending the weekend after the BASIS at Texel as well, don’t go home regretting that you did not book a room for the weekend!