Our next BASIS meeting will take place on the beautiful island of Texel at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)! The NIOZ has an excellent main auditorium for presentations as well as space for posters and vendor exhibitions (


The ferry to Texel leaves every hour at half past the hour from Den Helder, the crossing takes about 20 minutes. There is a bus from Den Helder railway station to the ferry and the NIOZ is a 5 minute walk from the ferry. The ferry leaves Texel on the hour, the last ferry leaves Texel at 21:00, something to keep in mind (

There is a local bus that leaves from the ferry (soon after the ferry arrives) to the center of Den Burg and back (; bus line 28 from the ferry to bus station “Elemert”/center Den Burg. Keep in mind that this bus leaves de ferry harbor when the bus driver thinks everyone is off the ferry.