Voorlopig programma (En)

– Implications of water isotope ecohydrology on Mt. Kilimanjaro
for paleohydrological studies

1. Bodé S. 2. De Wispelaere L. 3. Hemp A. 4. Verschuren D. 5. Boeckx P.

– Single cell view on the assimilation of carbon and nitrogen by cable bacteria

1. Nicole M. J. Geerlings 2. Karel A. As C 3. Cheryl Karman 4. Michiel V. M. Kienhuis 5. Silvia Hidalgo-Martinez 6. Johann L. Post 7. Henricus T.S. Boschker 8. Stanislav Trashin 9. Karolien De Wael 10. Filip J. R. Meysman 11. Jack J. Middelburg 12. Lubos Polerecky

– Optical measurements on all three water isotopes: experiences with natural and enriched waters

Xing Wang and Harro A.J. Meijer

– Measurement of the stable isotopes of CO2 directly on dry air samples with the CIO-DL-SICAS dual-laser spectrometer

1. Farilde M. Steur 2. Bert A. Scheeren 3. Harro A.J. Meijer

– Stable isotopes of the light elements: an update on reference materials.

1. Anita Th. Aerts-Bijma 2. Harro A.J. Meijer

– Complex trophic interactions of an Arctic deep-sea sponge reef.

1. Ulrike Hanz 2. Martijn Bart 3. Jasper de Goeij 4. Erik Wurz 5. Hans-Tore Rapp 6. Furu Mienis

– Methanotrophy and thiotrophy support deep-sea cold seeps communities in the Gulf of Guinea

1 Michel, Loïc N. 2 Portail, Marie 3 Cowart, Dominique A. 4 Hsing, Pen-Yuan 5 Olu, Karine 6 Sarrazin, Jozée

– Mineral N uptake efficiency and internal distribution in ‘Conference’ pear trees

1. Colpaert Ben 2. Steppe Kathy 3. Remy Serge 4. Gomand Ann 5. Vanhoutte Bart 6. Boeckx Pascal

– Determination of the metabolic route of orally administered medium-chain triglyceride using stable isotopes

1 Dewi van Harskamp 2 Suzan Knottnerus 3 Jeannette Bleeker 4 Hans van Goudoever 5 Ronald Wanders 6 Frits Wijburg 7 Gepke Visser 8 Henk Schierbeek

– Aerobic Oxidation Of Methane And Ethane By Unconventional Microbes At A Terrestrial Methane Seep In Sicily, Italy

N. T. Smit1*, D. Rush1, M. T. J. van der Meer1, F. Grassa2, L. Villlanueva1, J. S. Sinninghe Damsté1,3, S. Schouten1,3

– Linking geographical features of bananas in Costa Rica to their stable isotope ratios and elemental compositions

1. Zhijun Wang 2. Sara W. Erasmus 3. Pieter Dekker 4. Boli Guob 5. Saskia M. van Ruth

– Stable isotope field labeling and its use in tracing soil carbon dynamics

1 Patrick Liebmann 2 Robert Mikutta 3 Leena Renita DSilva 4 Patrick Wordell-Dietrich 5 Karsten Kalbitz 6 Georg Guggenberger

– Drivers of the long-term fate of deposited nitrogen in temperate forest soils

1. Liz Veerman 2. Albert Tietema 3. Karsten Kalbitz, 4. Jorien Schoorl

– 10 years of using GC-MS/C/IRMS for the detection of abuse of natural
hormones in Belgian cattle, an overview

1Geert Janssens 2 Eva Gorrebeeck 3 Michel Dubois 4 Nathalie Gillard 5 Bert Matthijs

– Plants’ Carbon investment to mobilise organic and mineral phosphorus
by an arbuscular mycorrhiza (Solanum lycopersicum x Rhizophagus

1 Alberto Andrino 2 Leopold Sauheitl 3 Jens Boy 4 Kathrin Reimer 5 Georg Guggenberger

– Isotopes can make the difference in sport between a medal and a sanction

1. Douwe de Boer

– Stable isotope determination in natural water. International Atomic Energy Agency Inter-Comparison Study “WICO”

Marc-André Laliberté 1, Doug Baer1, Frédéric Despagne1, Paulo Favaro.

– Online coupling of GC-IRMS with organic mass spectrometry for
final confirmation in food authentication

Mario Tuthorn1,2, Dieter Juchelka1, Oliver Kracht1

– Importance of the microphytobenthos-meiofauna pathway in soft-bottom intertidal food webs highlighted by trophic markers and food web modeling

L.H. van der Heijden, R. Asmus, M. Graeve, J. Rzeznik-Orignac, N. Niquil, M. Haraldsson, B. Saint-Béat, S. Pacella, D. Fichet, Q. Bernier, G. Guillou, P. Kadel, H. Asmus, B. Lebreton