Benelux Association for Stable Isotope Scientists (BASIS)

Dear BASIS members,
In a few weeks we would have our BASIS meeting In Leuven.
For the moment unfortunately in Belgium we still have COVID restrictions according to the code red of the color-coded Corona Barometer principle.
This means we can only organize a “static” conference.
So we are not allowed to have a walking coffee break / lunch / poster session / dynamic sponsor visits.
We are afraid this is not according to the BASIS spirit.
What makes our meeting great, are the more informal interactions between the different BASIS members, scientists, manufacturers, vendors, students etc. People new to the field and people that have been around for ages and everything in between, building and maintaining our professional network.
The most difficult thing is that we don’t know when the code red will change to code orange. If the situation in Belgium will change before our BASIS meeting, it will be too late to make this the successful and fun meeting we would like it to be. Therefore and this decision has been made grudgingly, we decided not to have the BASIS meeting in March 2022.
We will keep you informed on any new developments concerning our meeting. Perhaps we should think about moving to a time slot later in the year to avoid the expected winter flare-up of COVID, the summers will become crowded.



June 13, 2006 the Benelux Association for Stable Isotope Scientists (BASIS) was officially founded. BASIS originated from the previous Benelux Isotope Group (BIG), a group of active scientists that organized annual meetings without a formal organisation. BIG started in 2000 as an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) users group and has gathered every year since then.

Now BASIS will give a solid foundation to this group and has shifted its focus more broadly to the measurement and application of stable isotopes.

Since BASIS is trying to be a source of information for new or starting scientists in the broad field of stable isotopes, we’ve incorporated a new search tool on the new website (December 2013). You can search institutes with members of BASIS for example, but also search and filter on research topics, instruments, isotopes, etc. Also contact information to persons within the institutes will be available. The new search tool can be found in the left menu and is called Institutes.



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