Benelux Association for Stable Isotope Scientists (BASIS)

Important notice from the board: Cancellation of our 2020 symposium!

Dear all,
In light of recent news, developments and predictions for the next couple of weeks,  we made a decision on the BASIS 2020 meeting.
Even if I or we all are personally not too worried, our European and national governments, the companies and organizations we work for and other BASIS participants might be.
In Belgium some places have asked to avoid non-essential travel and promote working at home, the south of the Netherlands has a similar policy and we are expecting this to be implemented throughout the Netherlands soon.
In the next two weeks things will most likely get worse and not better and since all these measurements are taken to keep the number of sick people manageable, the number of cases will remain relatively low, but it will take longer before this pandemic will end.
Therefore we also don’t think a meeting before the summer will be feasible.
In October there will be the JESIUM this leaves little room for the BASIS this year. 
Our suggestion would be to postpone the Leuven meeting to 2021 and the Amsterdam meeting to 2022, this will be confirmed later.
We are very sorry about the inconvenience, we hope you all understand.


June 13, 2006 the Benelux Association for Stable Isotope Scientists (BASIS) was officially founded. BASIS originated from the previous Benelux Isotope Group (BIG), a group of active scientists that organized annual meetings without a formal organisation. BIG started in 2000 as an Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS) users group and has gathered every year since then.

Now BASIS will give a solid foundation to this group and has shifted its focus more broadly to the measurement and application of stable isotopes.

Since BASIS is trying to be a source of information for new or starting scientists in the broad field of stable isotopes, we’ve incorporated a new search tool on the new website (December 2013). You can search institutes with members of BASIS for example, but also search and filter on research topics, instruments, isotopes, etc. Also contact information to persons within the institutes will be available. The new search tool can be found in the left menu and is called Institutes.



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